About this Site

BranchesOfZion.org is a website that provides a centralized location for Restoration Branches/Groups to post their public events & announcements as we work to build bridges between the branches and foster relationships Restoration-wide.  The site also includes other resources like an Interactive Branch Directory and a list of Restoration camps and reunions.

Which group is running BranchesOfZion.org?
The site is not run by any specific Restoration organization. The site was created by individuals in Independence, MO and is maintained via the collaboration and support of multiple individuals and committees across the Restoration.

Who is allowed to participate in BranchesOfZion.org?
The site is faction-agnostic, meaning that any branch/group of the Restoration Branch Movement is welcome to contribute events & announcements to the site. This includes branches of the CRE, JCRB, Restoration Church, and independent branches. The exact qualifications for eligibility can be found here: https://branchesofzion.org/participate. The website has a strict doctrine-free policy-- branches/groups are not permitted to use the website to directly promote their doctrines.

How is this site funded?

This website is funded through the offerings of members within the Restoration.

BranchesOfZion.org Yearly Expenses:
- URL (branchesofzion.org) - $12/year
- Web Hosting - $72/year

There was also a $188 one-time cost to set up the calendar features on the website.

If you would like to assist with the costs of this website, please contact us at branchesofzion@gmail.com to see if there are more expenses left to cover for the year-- we collect only the money necessary to pay for that year's expenses.